Saint Vitalis of Calabria

statue of Saint Vitalis of Calabria at the church of San Luca of ArmentuAlso known as

  • Vitalis of Castronuovo
  • Vitalis of Castronovo
  • Vitale of….



Monk at the monastery of Saint Philip at Agira, Sicily. Pilgrim to Rome, Italy. Hermit in the Calabria region of Italy for two years before returning to monastic life near Agira for a quiet 12 years. He returned to Calabria to escape the Muslim invasions of Sicily. He later lived at the monastery of Saint Elias in Carbone, Italy, and then as a cave hermit near Armento, Italy where his reputation attracted so many would-be students that he founded a monastery for them. Later founded another monastery in Basilicata. Captured and abused by Muslim raiders, but eventually released. Founded a monastery on Mount Vulture near Rapolla, Italy where he finally retired.





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