Saint Vincent Pallotti

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Born to the Italian nobility. Priest. Taught theology. He lived in constant danger working with the sick during a cholera epidemic. Highly successful fund-raiser for charities for the poor. Founded guilds for workers, agricultural schools, loan associations, orphanages and homes for girls. Felt a strong calling to bring Christ to Muslims, and founded a program to incorporate lay people in the apostolate of priests. Founded the Pious Society of Missions (Pallottines) for urban mission work. Started the special observance of the Octave of Epiphany for the reunion of the Eastern and Roman Churches, and the return of the Church in England.






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Since God is perfect in loving man, man must be perfect in loving his neighbor. Saint Vincent Pallotti

Not the goods of the world, but God.
Not riches, but God.
Not honors, but God.
Not distinction, but God.
Not dignities, but God.
Not advancement, but God.
God always and in everything.
Saint Vincent Pallotti

Remember that the Christian life is one of action; not of speech and daydreams. Let there be few words and many deeds, and let them be done will. Saint Vincent Pallotti

You must be holy in the way that God asks you to be holy. God does not ask you to be a Trappist monk or a hermit. He wills that you sanctify the world and your everyday life. Saint Vincent Pallotti

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