Saint Theotonius of Coimbra

Saint Theotonius of CoimbraAlso known as

  • Teotonio



Nephew of the bishop of Coimbra, Portugal. Educated at the University of Coimbra. Parish priest, assigned to Viseu, Portugal. His powerful and outspoken preaching against vice gained him a great reputation, the animosity of the ruling class, and the affection of the king and queen. Counselor to the throne. Rebuked the queen for adultery, and refused a bishopric from her, seeing it as an attempt to buy his affection. He was once asked by the queen to shorten a Mass so she could attend to other business; he send back word that he answered to true sovereigns, and the queen was free to stay or go as she liked.

Theotinus had a great devotion to the poor, and to souls in purgatory. Each Friday he combined these devotions by singing a Solemn Mass for the dead, leading a large procession to the cemetery to pray for the local dead, collecting alms there, and distributing the money to the local poor.

Twice a pilgrim to the Holy Lands. Augustinian Canon Regular, which order he helped bring to Portugal in 1131, entering the monastery at Coimbra. Spent his last 30 years there as monk and prior. Devoted to the daily offices, never allowing the monks to hurry through them. King Alphonsus attributed his victories to the prayers of Theotonius and his brothers, and in gratitude, free all his Mozarabic Christian captives. First Portuguese saints canonized by the modern method.



  • 1166 of natural causes


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His soul will be in Heaven before his body is lowered to the grave. King Alphonsus, on hearing of the death of Theotonius

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