Saint Simplician of Milan

Saint Simpliciano of MilanAlso known as

  • Simpliciano



Raised in a Christian family. Teacher and catechist. Priest. Instrumental in the conversion of both Saint Alipius of Tagaste and Saint Augustine of Hippo, who remembered his fondly, wrote about him with deep gratitude, calling him the “spiritual father of my soul”, and would submit his own writings to him to review and comment. Archbishop of Milan, Italy for about three to four years, being chosen when he was already in his 70’s. Friend of, advisor to and correspondent with Saint Ambrose of Milan. Also corresponded extensively with Pope Anastasius I and bishops in Africa and Gaul, but none of the writings have survived. Simpliciano always wore a black leather belt; following a vision of the Blessed Virgin Mary by Saint Monica, the belt became part of the habit of the Augustinians.




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