Saint Sigismund of Burgundy

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Son of Gunebald, the Vandal king of Burgundy. Spiritual student of bishop Saint Avitus of Vienne. Built the monastery of Saint-Maurice at Agaune in Valais, Switzerland in 515. Married; father of Saint Gistaldo and Saint Gundebado. King of Burgundy in 516.

A Christian by faith, Sigismund had a hot temper, and was still close to his pagan roots. When his son opposed and insulted his second wife during a political dispute in 517, Sigismund ordered the young man strangled to death. Consumed with remorse, Sigismund retired to the monastery of Saint-Maurice to live for years in penance, surrounded by the singing of praise to God, giving largely to the poor, and praying for a way to atone of his act.

Called to lead his troops against invading Franks, the king lost in the field, and Burgundy was over-run. Sigismund put on a monk‘s habit, and hid in a cell near the abbey of Agaunum. He was eventually found, captured, taken to Orléans, and murdered. Honoured by his people as a martyr.





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