Saint Secundinus of Ireland

Also known as

  • Secundinus of Dunsaghlin
  • Secundinus of Dunseachlin
  • Secundinus of Dunshaughlin
  • Seachnal of…
  • Seachnall of…
  • Sechnall of…
  • Secundin of…



Migrated to Ireland in 439 with Saint Auxilius and Saint Iserninus to help Saint Patrick evangelize the country; Secundinus preached in the north and east. There are many conflicting documents about him – whether he was a priest or bishop when he arrived, if he had been there before, etc. He apparently served as acting bishop of Armagh, Ireland when Patrick went to Rome. Founded a church and served as first bishop of Dunshaughlin, Meath, Ireland. Wrote the earliest poem of the Irish Church, an alphabetical hymn in honour of Saint Patrick.




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