Saint Richard Pampuri

Saint Richard PampuriAlso known as

  • Erminio Filippo Pampuri
  • Herminio Felipe Pampuri
  • Riccardo Pampuri
  • Ricardo Pampuri



Tenth of the eleven children born to Innocenzo and Angela Pampuri. His mother died of tuberculosis when Erminio was three, and he was raised by his maternal grandparents and an aunt. His father died in a traffic accident when Erminio was ten.

Though he wanted to become a missionary priest, one of the great influences on the boy was his uncle Carlo, a village doctor. When Erminio’s health proved to be too weak for the rigors of missionary work, he studied medicine at Pavia University. Franciscan tertiary, member of the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul, and involved in Catholic Action, he attended Mass daily while in school.

Drafted into the Italian army medical corps in World War I in 1917, Erminio was a sergeant; he spent his duty in field hospitals, sickened by the misery of war. He resumed his studies in 1920, and graduated at the top of his medical school class on 6 July 1921. Rural health officer in Morimondo in the Po Vally, a poor area near Milan, Italy. Secretary for his parish missionary society; he organized retreats for local laymen, and worked area youth. He treated the poor for free, coordinated charity drives for them, and founded the Band of Pius X, a group dedicated to medical care for the poor.

Feeling a call to religious life, Erminio joined the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God on 22 June 1927, taking the name Riccardo, and making his formal profession on 24 October 1928. He ran a free dental clinic for the Order in Brescia, treating those in need, and giving them money and food in the bargain if they needed it.







The short but intense life of Brother Richard is an incentive for all the People of God, but especially for the young, for doctors and for religious. He is an extraordinary figure, close to us in time but even closer still to us in the midst of our problems and our needs. Pope John Paul II in the canonization homily for Saint Richard

Pray that neither self indulgence nor pride, nor any other evil passion, prevent me from seeing in my patients Jesus who suffers, and from healing and comforting Him. Saint Richard in a letter to his sister, a missionary nun

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