Saint Raymond of Barbastro

detail of a photograph of a bas-relief sculpture on the tomb of San Ramon, c.1120, sculptor unknown;  Catedral de Roda d'Isàvena; swiped off the Wikipedia web siteAlso known as

  • Raymond of Roda
  • Ramon II



Augustinian canon regular at the monastery of Saint-Antonin de Frédélas in Pamiers, France. Prior of the monastery of Saint-Sernin in Toulouse, France. Bishop of Barbastro, Aragon, Spain in 1104. Very active in his diocese, constantly travelling to visit parishes, caring for his priests, encouraging the faith in the laity, living simply and giving charity lavishly. Exiled by force from 1116 to 1119 for preaching aginst the use of Christian armies against the foes of Christendom.




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