Saint Praejectus of Clermont

[Saint Praejectus of Clermont]
Also known as

  • Preietto
  • Preils
  • Prejectus
  • Prest
  • Prie
  • Priest
  • Prix
  • Proietto
  • Projectus
  • Pry



Born to the nobility. Studied under Saint Genesius of Clermont. Priest. Bishop of Clermont, France from 666 to 676. Founded monasteries, hospitals, and churches. Worked with Saint Reol of Rheims, Saint Agilbert of Paris, and Saint Ouen of Rouen. Killed by a man named Agritius who held Praejectus responsible for the arrest and execution of Hector, lord of Marseilles. Considered a martyr immediately after his death, but his murder does not seem to have been related to his faith.





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