Saint Petronilla

detail of a statue of Saint Petronilla, artist unknown, raised in 1666, colonnade, Saint Peter's Basilica, Rome, ItalyAlso known as

  • Aurelia Petronilla
  • Pernelle
  • Peroline
  • Perrenotte
  • Perrette
  • Perrine
  • Perronelle
  • Petronella
  • Peyronne
  • Peyronnelle
  • Pierrette
  • Pérette
  • Périne
  • Pétronille



For centuries legend said she was the daughter of Saint Peter, and that she was so beautiful that he had locked her in a tower to keep her from eligible men, but none of that is true. She may have been related to Peter, a servant, a co-worker, one of his converts, his “spiritual daughter”, or the tradition may have started because of the similarities of the names. May have been related to Saint Flavia Domitilla of Terracina. Cured of palsy by Saint Peter. One story says she refused a marriage offer by a pagan king named Flaccus; when he pressed his case, she went on a hunger strike, and died three days later. Old inscriptions, however, list her as a martyr in the more common murdered-for-the-faith form.





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