Saint Peter Verona

detail from the painting 'Saint Peter Martyr with Saint Nicholas of Bari, Saint Benedict and an Angel Musician' by Cima da Conegliano, 1504; Pinacoteca di Brera, Milan, Italy; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Peter Martyr
  • Peter of Verona
  • Peter the Martyr



Son of Catharist heretics. Educated in a Catholic school and at the University of Bologna, Italy. Embraced orthodox Catholicism upon hearing the teaching of Saint Dominic. Became a Dominican at age 16, received into the Order by Saint Dominic. Prior of the Dominican house in Como, Italy. Priest. Noted and inspiring preacher in the Lombard region, he spoke often against the Catharists. Called a “Second Paul” because he turned from heresy and tried to convert his former confreres. Inquisitor for northern Italy c.1234, appointed by Pope Gregory IX. Assigned to preach against Manichaeanism, he evangelized throughout Italy. Murdered by Catharists on the road. Miracle worker.







Here silent is Christ’s Herald;
Here quenched, the People’s Light;
Here lies the martyred Champion
Who fought Faith’s holy fight.

The Voice the sheep heard gladly,
The light they loved to see
He fell beneath the weapons
Of graceless Cathari.

The Saviour crowns His Soldier;
His praise the people psalm.
The Faith he kept adorns him
With martyr’s fadeless palm.

His praise new marvels utter,
New light he spreads abroad
And now the whole wide city
Knows well the path to God.

Saint Thomas Aquinas in eulogy of Saint Peter

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