Saint Paphnutius of Thebes

Saint Paphnutius of ThebesAlso known as

  • Paphnutius of Egypt
  • Paphnutius the Confessor
  • Pafnucius…
  • Paphnucius…



Hermit. Spiritual student of Saint Anthony the Abbot. Monk. Bishop in Egypt. During the persecutions of emperor Galerius Maximinus, Paphnutius had his right eye torn out, his left knee crippled, and was sent to work in the mines, all as punishment for his faith. Rescued by emperor Constantine the Great in 313, Paphnutius resumed his pastoral duties and worked against Arianism heresy. Participated in the Council of Nicea, and afterwards worked to spread the Nicene Creed. Attended the Council of Tyre in 335 where he again had to oppose Arianism.


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