Saint Orontius of Lecce

Siant Oronzo of LecceAlso known as

  • Orontius the Companion
  • Aronzo….
  • Hermes….
  • Horace….
  • Oronzio….
  • Oronzo….
  • Rontius….



Son of Publius, a Roman imperial treasurer; uncle of Saint Fortunatus. Converted by the shipwrecked Saint Paul the Apostle. Roman imperial treasurer upon his father‘s death. Denounced as a Christian, he was ordered to sacrifice to idols; he refused. He was arrested, stripped of his office, whipped, and exiled to Corinth where he met up with Saint Paul again. Consecrated as the first bishop of his home town of Lecce, Italy. He returned to the town during the persecutions of Nero, was arrested again, and ordered to denounce Christianity. He refused, and after some time in prison managed to get released. He immediately resumed preaching in the areas of Brindisi and Bari. Martyr.





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