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Bishop of Mayferkqat, Syria, part of the kingdom of Persia, in the late 4th and early 5th centuries. Presided over the Council of Seleucia. Worked to build and repair churches that had been lost during the persecutions of King Sapor, and collected so many of the relics that had been scattered during that time that his see city became known as Martyropolis. He composed a number of hymns in honor of the martyrs, and wrote “Acts” of as many as he could research. Because of the wealth of his theological writings, he is honored as the chief Doctor of the Syrian Church.

Maruta once went to the court of King Yezdigerd to seek an end to persecution of Christians. While there, he was able to cure the king of a series of violently painful headaches. The Zoroastrian priests, afraid that the king might convert to Christianity, rigged up a hiding place in the floor of their temple. There a priest waited, and when the king came into the temple, the priest shouted that the Christian should be sent away from such a holy place. The king was ready to obey the mystical voice until Maruta pointed out the trap door and the hidden priest was dragged out. The king did not convert, but grudgingly agreed to tolerate Christians.


    c.415 of natural causes


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