Saint Manchán of Lemanaghan

Saint Manchán of LemanaghanAlso known as

  • Manchán mac Silláin
  • Mainchín…
  • Manach…
  • Manchianus…



His mother was Mella, his father Sillán, son of Conall, descendant of Rudraige Mór of Ulster. Monk. Spiritual student of Saint Ciarán at Clonmacnoise. Founded a monastery to the west of Lemanaghan, Ireland, c.645 on land obtained by Saint Ciarán from the king of Connacht. The monastery has a healing well that came from a spring that opened when Manchán, out of water, struck a rock; there was also a separate cell where his mother retired. In addition to the contemplative life he led at the monastery, he evangelized the people around it, teaching scripture, being a spiritual teacher to any who would listen, and caring for the poor where he could. Poet.




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