Saint Lupus of Sens

Also known as

  • Lupo
  • Wolf



Born to the Burgundian nobility. Nephew of Saint Austremius of Orleans, and Saint Aunarius of Auxerre; he was educated by the two bishops. Noted for his love of music and his generosity to the poor. Monk at Lérins. Priest. Archbishop of Sens, Burgundy in 609. A victim of slander resulting from his kindness to a woman named Volusia. Later, when Lupus hesitated to acknowledge Clotaire II as the rightful ruler of Burgundy, Clotaire exiled him to Ansenne, a predominently pagan area. Lupus evangelized the people of the area, converting many, including the region’s governor. When Lupus’ replacement in Burgundy, the politically ambitious monk Monegisil, was killed during a riot, the people demanded the return of their rightful bishop. Clotaire recalled Lupus, and punished those who had spoken against him.




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