Saint Lucia Filippini

detail of a 19th century illustration of Saint Lucia Filippini, artist unknownAlso known as

  • Lucy Filippini



Orphaned when very young. Worked under Blessed Rose Venerini to train schoolmistresses. Founded the Religious Teachers Filippini, a group devoted to the education of young girls. Founded several schools throughout Italy. Called to Rome, Italy by Pope Clement XI in 1707 to establish the first school there. Victim of a number of illnesses and ailments throughout her life.







After she had lost both her parents, Cardinal Marc’Antonio Barbarigo of blessed memory took her into his care. He later availed himself of her services in the founding of schools of Christian doctrine for young girls. Active with the greatest ardor for this foundation and its propagation, she fully realized the importance of this work for the glory of God, the saving of souls, and the Christian education of women. Her ability and experience made her work flourish and spread to our diocese and to many others. Her endeavors earned her the name of una donna forte – a strong woman. Though she lived wholly for her foundation, she never ceased praying at the feet of the Lord, thus uniting, in admirable fashion, the virtues of Martha and Mary. To set her up also as a model of invincible patience, God put her to the severest tests. She died on the Feast of the Annunciation, March 25, 1732, at the age of 60, of cancer, in terrible pain, which she endured with supreme patience. – on a parchment found in the grave of Saint Lucia

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