Saint Liberius of Ancona

Saint Liberius of AnconaAlso known as

  • Liverio
  • Oliviero



Fifth century cave hermit near Ancona, Italy known for his piety and wisdom.

Because his relics have been moved several times to different churches and placed next to other tombs, many legends have grown up around him or existing stories have been assigned to him, but these are later additions, and we know very little about him.


  • buried at the church of San Silvestro outside Ancona, Italy
  • the church was later re-named San Liberius
  • when the area of the church came under attack by pirates, the relics were moved to the church of San Lorezo in Ancona
  • the church was San Lorenzo was later replaced by the cathedral of San Ciriaco
  • relics were solemnly enshrined for public veneration in 1756


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