Saint Leutfridus

detail of a stained glass window of Saint Leutfridus living in solitude; date and artist unknown; Catholic parish church Cœur-Immaculé-de-Marie, Suresnes, France; photographed on 2 April 2011 by Reinhardhauke; swiped from Wikimedia Commons; click for source imageAlso known as

  • Leofred of La-Croix
  • Leufroi
  • Leufroy
  • Leutfrid



Brother of Saint Agofredus. Studied at Condat and Chartres in France. Teacher of young boys at Evreux, France. Spiritual student of Saint Sidonius of Saint-Saens. Benedictine hermit at Cailly and at Rouen in France. Founded La Croix-Saint-Qu’en abbey (later called Saint-Leufroy in his honour) c.690, and served as its first abbot.



  • 738 of natural causes


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