Saint John Jones

Blessed John Jones and Blessed John WallAlso known as

  • Godefride Moritius
  • Godefridus Mauritius
  • Godfrey Maurice
  • Griffith Jones
  • Gryffith Jones
  • John Buckley
  • John Griffith
  • Robert Buckley
  • Robertus Jonus



Born to a strong Catholic Welsh family. Joined the Franciscans in Greenwich, England. When his monastery was dissolved in 1559, he travelled to France to study. Ordained at Rheims, France.

John returned to England to work with Catholic prisoners at Marshalsea Prison in London. He was arrested for being a priest and imprisoned at Wisbech Castle, but escaped to the Continent. He lived for a while at Pontoise, France, and then the Ara Coeli Franciscan Observant house at Rome, Italy, finally returning to England as a missioner 1592. He worked in several places in the country, and was elected Franciscan provincial of England.

Arrested and tortured by the priest-catcher Topcliffe in 1596. Imprisoned for two years, doing time with Blessed John Rigby. Convicted on 3 July 1598 for the treason of being a Catholic priest.

His execution took place early in the morning to reduce the chance of a mob; the executioner, roused out of bed for the job, forgot his ropes. During the delay while he went for them, John preached to the crowd that had gathered, and explained he was being murdered for his faith, not any disloyalty to his country. One of the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales.






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