Saint Heribert of Cologne

detail of a statue of Saint Heribert of Cologne on the town hall tower in Koln, Germany; taken on 5 September 2009 by Raimond Spekking; swiped off the Wikipedia web siteAlso known as

  • Eriberto
  • Herbert
  • Bert
  • Berti
  • Berto
  • Heri
  • Herko



Son of Duke Hugo of Worms, Germany. Educated at the cathedral school at Worms. Provost of the cathedral. Ordained in 994. Chancellor for Italy under King Otto III in 994. Chancellor for Germany in 997. Archbishop of Cologne, Germany on 9 July 999. Attended the death-bed of King Otto at Paterno. Initially opposed the ascension of King Henry II, and was imprisoned by him. However, when Henry was elected king on 7 June 1002, Heribert immediately acknowledged him as king, and became one of his advisors. Founded and endowed the Benedictine monastery and church of Deutz, Germany. Obtained miracles by prayer, including the end of a drought. Honoured as a saint even during his lifetime.






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