Saint Gaugericus of Cambrai

statue of Saint Gaugericus of Cambrai; artist unknown, date unknown; Hôtel de ville de Bruxelles, Brussels, Belgium; photographed by EmDee; swiped from Wikimedia Commons; click for image sourceAlso known as

  • Gaugericus of Arras
  • Djèri of…
  • Gau of…
  • Gery of…
  • Gagericus of…
  • Gaugerico of…
  • Gorik of…



Son of Gaudentius and Austadiola. Pious youth. Ordained as a deacon when he showed he knew all the Psalms by heart. Priest, ordained by Saint Magnericus of Trier. Bishop of the dioceses of Cambrai and of Arras, Gaul for 39 years beginning c.586. He convinced his people to destroy their old pagan idols; when there were only a few left in private hands, he bought them and destroyed them himself. Tirelessly travelled his territory, and spent largely to ransom prisoners. Attended the Council of Paris in 614.





  • mitred bishop without his crosier, right hand lifted in a gesture of benediction and left folded upon his breast


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