Saint Elijah Speleota

Saint Elijah SpeleotaAlso known as

  • Elijah Bozzetta
  • Elijah Espeleota
  • Elia…
  • Elias…



Born to the wealthy nobility, the son of Peitro Bozzetta and Leonzia de Leontini. At age 18, to avoid an arranged marriage and answer a call to religious life, Elijah left home to become a pilgrim to Rome, Italy. He became a Basilian monk at Grottaferrata outside Rome, returned briefly to Reggio Calabria, and then he and a fellow monk name Arsenio travelled to Patras, Greece for further study. While they were away, Muslim Saracens invaded their home region, killing and enslaving Christians. When Elijah returned to Italy, he withdrew from populated areas to lived as a hermit in a cave near Melicuccà, Italy with two fellow monks, Cosma and Vitale; the word Speleota is Greek for “inhabitant of caves”. Word of their wisdom and holiness soon spread, and pilgrims regularly visited the caves for spiritual direction and advice.




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