Saint Edburga of Thanet

[Saint Edburga]Also known as

  • Edburga of Minster-on-Thanet
  • Bugga of….
  • Eadburga of….
  • Edburgh of….
  • Heaburg of….



Only daughter of King Centwine and Queen Engyth of Wessex, the 8th century royal family of Kent, England. Benedictine nun. Friend and spiritual student of Saint Mildred of Thanet. Abbess of Minster-on-Thanet Abbey in 716. She secured several royal charters for the abbey, and built a new church there. Skilled scribe and calligrapher. Pilgrim to Rome, Italy where she met Saint Boniface with whom she established a lengthy correspondence; her letters have not survived. She supported Saint Boniface in his missionary work, and copied manuscripts for his use.




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