Saint Ebrulf of Ouche

detail of a stained glass window of Saint Évroult of Ouche, date unknown, artist unknown; south aisle, church of Saint-Ouen, Rouen, France; photographed on 4 September 2012 by GiogoAlso known as

  • Ebrolfo
  • Ebrulfo
  • Ebrulfus
  • Ebrulphus
  • Evroul
  • Evroult
  • Évroult



Merovingian courtier. A married layman, he made financial arrangements for his wife, who may have later become a nun, and left the court of King Childebert I to become a monk at Deux Jumeaux abbey. He and a small group of brothers left to become hermits in the nearby forest of Ouche. Ebrulf converted a band of highway robbers to the faith. With them, the brothers, and some spiritual students who gathered around them, he founded a small monastery near Ouche, and served as its abbot. It emphasized self-sufficiency for the house, manual labour offered to God for the men, and was so successful that several other small houses were founded nearby.




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