Saint Dorothy of Caesarea

[Saint Dorothy of Caesarea]Also known as

  • Dora of Caesarea
  • Dorothea of Caesarea



Apochryphal martyr whose story has been beautifully told, and was popular for many years. Having made a personal vow of virginity, she refused to marry, or to sacrifice to idols. She was tried, tortured, and sentenced to death for her faith by the prefect Sapricius. The pagan lawyer Theophilus said to her in mockery, “Bride of Christ, send me some fruits from your bridegroom’s garden.” Before she was executed, she sent him, by a six-year-old boy who is thought to have been an angel, her headress which had the fragrance of roses and fruits. Seeing this gift, and the miraculous messenger who brought them, Theophilus converted, and was martyred himself. This story has been variously enlarged through the years. In some places, trees are blessed on her feast day because of her connection with a blooming, fruitful miracle.


Name Meaning

  • gift of God (greek)




MLA Citation

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