Saint Crescentinus

[Saint Crescentinus]Also known as

  • Crescentian of Saldo
  • Crescentino
  • Crescenziano
  • Crescentianus



Imperial Roman soldier. Convert to Christianity. During the persecutions of Diocletian, Crescentinus fled to Thifernum Tiberinum (modern Città di Castello). There he is reported to have slain a dragon that had terrorized the region; this convinced the locals of the power of God and led to many conversions, and to the depictions of Crescentinus fighting a dragon. It is also possible that Crescentinus evangelized the region, made many converts, and the image of him slaying the dragon is represents him defeating the devil or paganism. Eventually, however, the anti-Catholic forces of Diocletian came to the area, and Crescentinus fell as a martyr.





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