Saint Crescentinus

[Saint Crescentinus]Also known as

  • Crescentian of Saldo
  • Crescentino
  • Crescenziano
  • Crescentianus



Imperial Roman soldier. Convert to Christianity. During the persecutions of Diocletian, Crescentinus fled to Thifernum Tiberinum (modern Città di Castello). There he is reported to have slain a dragon that had terrorized the region; this convinced the locals of the power of God and led to many conversions, and to the depictions of Crescentinus fighting a dragon. It is also possible that Crescentinus evangelized the region, made many converts, and the image of him slaying the dragon is represents him defeating the devil or paganism. Eventually, however, the antiCatholic forces of Diocletian came to the area, and Crescentinus fell as a martyr.





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