Saint Copra of Egypt

Also known as

  • Copres
  • Copretes



Desert hermit in Egypt. Helped lead Saint Patermutius to the faith. At age 45 he was arrested in the persecutions of Julian the Apostate for refusing to sacrifice to idols. Through flattery and the offer of riches, Julian convinced Copra to renounce Christianity. Copra was then sent to convince Patermutius to apostasize. Instead, Patermutius convinced Copra to return to Christianity. For this, Julian had Copra’s tongue torn out of his head, and had him thrown into a furnace with Patermutius. The two were unharmed by the flames, and were seen standing in the fire and praying; this show of faith and strength brought Saint Alexander of Egypt to convert. Copra was pulled from the furnance and executed. Martyr.



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