Saint Christina of Tyre



Young girl imprisoned for her faith. Her mother tried to argue her into making the required pagan sacrifices, but Christina refused, and was executed. Martyr.

Due to the details of her martyrdom, listed below, she’s likely a pious fiction, but was highly honoured in Greece for centuries. Her story and that of Christina of Bolsena seem to have been confused and combined in rewrites through the ages.


  • at Tyre


  • a fire was lit under her, raged out of control, killed hundreds of pagan bystanders, but Christina escaped unscathed
  • her breasts were cut off, and then milk flowed from them
  • her tongue was cut out; she continued to preach, louder, and more clearly and eloquently than ever
  • she threw the severed tongue at the judge, who was permanently blinded in one eye
  • she was thrown into the sea to drawn; there she was baptized by Jesus, then returned to land by Michael the Archangel
  • she was finally shot through the heart with an arrow, which did her in


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