Saint Carthage the Younger

[Saint Carthage the Younger]Also known as

  • Carthage of Lismore
  • Carthage of Mochuda
  • Carthach….
  • Carthagus….
  • Mo Chutu mac FĂ­naill
  • Mochuda….



Swineherd near Castlemaine, Ireland. Monk. Spiritual student of Saint Carthage the Elder. Priest. Hermit at Kiltallagh, Ireland in 580. He attracted would-be students, founded the monastery in Raithean in County Offaly, Ireland c.590, and served as its abbot. AbbotBishop of the Fercal district. He composed a rule for his monks. Wrote a metrical poem of 580 lines. Exiled from Raithean in 635 with 800 of his brother monks. With them he established a monastery which later became the famous school of Lismore.





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