Saint Caesarius of Africa

detail from a fifteenth century fresco of the Madonna della Delibera showing an image of Saint Caesarius of AfricaAlso known as

  • Caesarius of Terracina
  • Cesario of….
  • Cesareo of….



Deacon of an African church. During a visit to Italy, he witnessed a pagan celebration of Apollo; Caesarius objected to the human sacrifice it involved. For his interference, he was imprisoned for two years, and then for his faith he was martyred with Saint Julian.



  • tied into a sack and thrown into the sea to drown at Pisco Montano, Terracina, Italy, date unknown
  • body recovered and buried near Terracina
  • in the 4th century, Emperor Valentinian was cured at the shrine of Caesarius at Terracina
  • relics translated to a church on the Palatine Hill, Rome, Italy by order of the emperor Valentinian
  • relics translated to the church of San Cesareo in Palatio, Appian Way, Rome



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