Saint Budoc of Brittany

detail of a photograph of a statue of Saint Budoc, sculptor unknown; photo taken on February 15, 2009 in Trégarvan, Brittany, France by Freh Dhennin; swiped off his feeAlso known as

  • Budoc of Dol
  • Beuzec of….
  • Beuzeg of….
  • Beuzegig of….
  • Bozeg of….
  • Bozel of….
  • Budeaux of….
  • Budeg of….
  • Budeux of….
  • Budock of….
  • Budog of….
  • Budogan of….
  • Budok of….
  • Budokus of….
  • Buoc of….



Born a prince, the son of a king of Brittany; his mother was Azenor, princess of Brest, France. Legend says that his mother was set adrift in a cask, and that Budoc was born at sea with Saint Brigid of Ireland in attendance. Educated in a monastery near Waterford, Ireland. Abbot at Youghal, Ireland. Bishop of Dol, Brittany for 26 years. Several places in Devon and Cornwall in England are named after him.




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