Saint Botwid of Sudermannland

hardwood statue of Saint Botvid, artist unknown, 1350-1500 AD; Möja Möja Church, Uppland, Sweden; photographed on 6 May 1994 by Lennart KarlssonAlso known as

  • Botwid of Södermanland
  • Botuid
  • Botuidus
  • Botvid
  • Botvido
  • Botvidus
  • Botwidus
  • Botwinus



Raised a pagan in Sweden. He converted to Christianity in England, and then returned home to the region of Södermanland in southeastern Sweden as a missionary. Murdered by an apostate Finnish pagan slave whom Botvid had instructed in the faith. Martyr.


  • province of Sudermannland, Sweden



  • holding an axe (possibly the weapon used to kill him)
  • holding a fish (refers to the legendary story of his death which involved a miracle of a large catch of fish)
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