Saint Berardes of Morocco

detail of a painting of Saint Berard of Morocco, by Bernardino Licinio, 1524; swiped off Wikimedia CommonsAlso known as

  • Berardes of Carbio
  • Berard of….
  • Berardo of….
  • Beraldus of….



Born to the Italian nobility. Franciscan monk accepted into the order by Saint Francis of Assisi himself in 1213. Priest. Preacher. Spoke Arabic. Leader of a party (with Peter, Otho, Accursius, and Adjutus) sent by Saint Francis to preach to Muslims in Morocco. Upon arrival, they began preaching in the market place. They were immediately arrested and ordered to stop. When the group continued to preach, they were beaten. When they refused to renouce Christ, the sultan beheaded them. They are believed to be the first Franciscan martyrs. Upon viewing their relics, young Anthony of Padua was moved to join the Franciscans and set off to preach in Morocco.




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