Saint Basiliscus of Pontus

detail of a frescoe depicting Saint Basiliscus of Pontus, c.1340, artist unknown; nave of the church of the Holy Ascension, Visoki Decani monastery, KosovoAlso known as

  • Basiliscus of Comana
  • Basilicus of…
  • Basilisco of…



Bishop of Comana in Pontus, Asia Minor (in modern Turkey). One of a large group of Christians who were tortured and martyred in the persecutions of Emperor Galerius for refusing to sacrifice to idols. Legend says that when Basiliscus announced his refusal, lightning struck the temple and toppled the statues. His spirit is reported to have met Saint John Chrysostom at his death bed to escort him to the afterlife in 407.


  • beheaded c.310 in Comana, Pontus (in modern Turkey)
  • body thrown into the river Iris
  • body covertly recovered by local Christians and given proper burial in a freshly plowed field
  • a chapel was later built over his grave


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