Saint Arnulf of Soissons

Saint Arnulf of SoissonsAlso known as

  • Arnoldus of Soissons
  • Arnoul of Soissons
  • Arnulphus of Soissons



French nobleman. Distinguished career soldier under King Robert and King Henry I. Benedictine monk at the monastery of Saint Medard, Soissons, France c.1060. Hermit, living for three years in a tiny cell with almost no contact with the outside. Called to return to his community, he became abbot of his house. He tried to refuse the responsibility; legend says he tried to flee the house, but that a wolf blocked his path and forced him to return. Priest. Bishop of Soissons, France in 1081. When first offered the bishopric, he replied, “Leave a sinner to offer to God some fruits of penance; and compel not a madman to take upon him a charge which requires so much wisdom.” He was ordered to take the position, but found it more than he could handle. When an interloper drove him from his see, he took the opportunity as a sign, resigned, and returned to monastic life. Founded a monastery at Aldenburg, Flanders where he lived the rest of his days.





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