Saint Arcadius of Mauretania

Saint Arcadius of MauretaniaAlso known as

  • Arcadio di Cesarea di Mauritania



Wealthy and prominent citizen, and a closet Christian. During a persecution in Mauritania, he withdrew to live as a hidden hermit, prayerful and out of harm’s way. The authorities wanted to use him as an example, and arrested a relative, threatening him with harm unless Arcadius turned himself in. Arcadius came in from the forests and went straight to court to trade himself for his kinsman. The judge said he would release the prisoners only if Arcadius would publicly sacrfice to a pagan god. Arcadius declined; martyr. As he was mutilated to death, he continued to preach Jesus to the watching pagans.




Additional Information


Lord, teach me thy wisdom. – Arcadius’s dying words, repeated over and over as he was hacked apart

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