Saint Anthony Mary Gianelli

Saint Anthony Mary GianelliAlso known as

  • Antony Gianelli



Son of Mary and James Gianelli, Anthony grew up in a poor, pious family in a small farming village. His mother taught catechism, and his father was known as a generous peace-maker in the town. Anthony was such a promising student that the owner of his family farm paid for his seminary education. Ordained a priest on 24 May 1812; he was so young that he needed special dispensation for the ordination, but was such a promising candidate that he received it. Served as a parish priest.

Archpriest of Chiavari, Italy in 1826. Founder of the Missionaries of Saint Alphonsus in 1827, a men’s missionary congregation that lasted until 1856. Founder of the Oblates of Saint Alphonsus in 1828, which lasted until 1848. Founder of the Sisters of Our Lady of the Garden 1829, a women‘s teaching order that also worked with the sick, and which continues its work today in Europe, the United States, and Asia. Bishop of Bobbio, Italy in 1837. Organized the Society of Saint Raphael and Society of Saint Dorothea to instruct the faithful in his diocese. Restored devotion to Saint Columbanus in his diocese. Conducted two synods, and was constantly on the road from parish to parish, visiting his flock.








O Saint Anthony Gianelli, who through your work have shown such great love to all, intercede for the bishops of the world and especially my bishop {name of your bishop}. Help our bishops to spread the Gospel to all men so that through them all men may find the way to salvation. I ask you to intercede on my behalf so that through your powerful intercession I may obtain the grace that I so ardently desire {name your intention}. Intercede for me and for all those who are dear to me peace of mind, perseverance in good works and a holy death. Amen. prayer to Saint Anthony Gianelli

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