Saint Agricola of Avignon

Also known as

  • Agricol
  • Agricolus



Son of Saint Magnus of Avignon, a Gallo-Roman senator who became a monk and then bishop. Agricola moved to Lerins, France, his father‘s see, at age 14. Monk there at age 16. Ordained in Lerins. Co-bishop of Avignon with his father in 660. Bishop in 670. Built a church and Benedictine convent in Avignon, the church staffed with his brother monks. Noted preacher, and famous for his charity and defense of the poor and sick against civil authorities. His blessing ended an invasion of storks, leading to his patronage of them, and his emblem in art. His prayers were said to produce rain, good weather and fine harvests.



  • c.700 of natural causes




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