Saint Agapitus the Martyr

detail of an old holy card with an image of a painting of Saint Agapitus; painting on the wall of the Cathedral of Palestrina; artist unknownAlso known as

  • Agapetus the Martyr
  • Agapitus of Palestrina
  • Agapitus of Praeneste
  • Agapito…



Born to an imperial patrician family. At fifteen years of age, the boy proudly, publicly proclaimed his Christianity during the persecution of Aurelian. Martyr.

Because he was a young man, and because the heroic way he met his martyrdom brought about many conversions, his was a favourite story in times past, and often grew in the telling, but we know very little about him for sure.






  • young man chained in a dungeon
  • young man hanging upside down over a fire
  • young man with palm, crown, burning coal, lions or dragons

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