Saint Afra of Augsburg

detail of a painting of Saint Ulrich and Saint Afra of Augsburg by Karl Radinger, date unknown; Marian altar, Church of the Holy Trinity, Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany; photographed on 4 February 2018 by Neutram; swiped from Wikimedia CommonsMemorial


A prostitute in Augsburg, Germany. During the Diocletian persecutions, c.303, she and her mother Hilaria hid their bishop from the authorities. While in hiding, he brought them to the faith, and Afra devoted herself to working with the poor. Eventually she was ordered to sacrifice to pagan gods; she refused. Martyr.

When her mother, Saint Hilaria of Augsburg, and the servants Digna, Eunomia and Eprepria went to inter her burned remains in a sepulchre, they were caught by the authorities. The four of them were ordered to make the same sacrifice that Afra had refused. They refused, and were burned to death in Afra’s sepulchre.






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