Saint Aengus the Culdee

Also known as

  • Angus the Culdee
  • Ceile De
  • Dengus
  • Oengus of Clonenagh
  • Oengus the Culdee



Hermit or culdee near the River Nore in Ireland where he was known to commune with angels. Hermit near Maryborough. Monk at Clonenagh in Ireland. His reputation for holiness attracted so many would-be students that he retired to be a lay brother at the monastery of Tallaght near Dublin, Ireland under the abbacy of Saint Maelruan. With Maelruan he wrote the Martyrology of Tallaght in 790. Wrote Felire, a poetic version of the martyrology. These works complete, he resumed life as a hermit and then a bishop.





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