Saint Ada of Le Mans

detail of an antique Italian holy card of Saint Ada; date and artist unknown; swiped with permission from Santini ImaginiAlso known as

  • Ada of Soissons
  • Ada of St-Julien
  • Adarhilda of….
  • Adeneta of….
  • Adna of….
  • Adneta of….
  • Adnetta of….
  • Adnette of….
  • Adonette of….
  • Adrechild of….
  • Adrehilda of….
  • Adrehilde of….
  • Adrehildis of….



Niece of Saint Engelbert; Ada’s whole family was known for its piety. Nun at Soissons, France. Abbess at Saint Julien-des-Prés abbey, Le Mans, France.




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