Saint Achahildis of Wendelstein

Also known as

  • Achachildis
  • Achatia
  • Atzin
  • Reinilda of Luxemburg



Born to the nobility, the sister of Saint Cunegundes. Married to Thietmar and mother of quintuplets; she and her husband, both of whom were drawn to religious life, then took vows of celibacy. Noted for her charity to the poor, and as a miracle worker. Founded a parish church in Wendelstein, Germany. Once when she discovered that a servant had killed and stolen some geese, she forgave the servant and brought the geese back to life – including the one that had been cooked.


  • c.970 of natural causes
  • interred at the church in Wendelstein, Germany that she had founded
  • tomb re-discovered in 1447
  • healing miracles, especially of children, were reported at the tomb
  • church later taken over by Protestants and devotion ceased



  • presenting five infants to her husband
  • with five children
  • performing various charitable acts and miracles
  • three geese
  • goose leg
  • tree full of ripe cherries (when she was pregnant with quintuplets in the dead of winter, she had a craving for cherries; a tree in her garden suddenly produced a full crop of them)
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