Saint Acca of Hexham

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Grew up in the household of Saint Bosa of York, and became his spiritual student, aide, and travelling companion. Benedictine monk. Close friend of and chaplain to Saint Wilfrid, and accompanied him on trips to the continent. Friend of the Venerable Bede, who dedicated some of his writings to Acca. Abbot of Saint Andrews at Hexham, England in 709, nominated by Saint Wilfrid just before that holy man died. Bishop of Hexham.

Built churches, and re-outfitted the principal church at Hexham. Had a beautiful singing voice, and encouraged the revival of vocal music in British liturgy. First English prelate to appeal to Vatican in a dispute. Believed the Church in England needed to be more like Rome in liturgical form. Bible scholar with a large theological library who supplied information for Bede‘s Ecclesiastical History.

Political intrigues led to king Ceolwulf of Northumbria being kidnapped in 731, and forced to enter a monastery. Ceolwulf’s supporters later restored him to the throne, and Acca was exiled, which probably indicates his involvement in the coup. Some records imply that he fled west, and was appointed bishop of Whithorn.







Great in the sight of God and men. Venerable Bede writing about his friend Acca

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