In the Latin liturgy, the sacramentary is the book used by the celebrating bishop or priest alone for vocal prayers during the Mass (the Prayer, Secret, and Postcommunion, and movable parts such as the Preface, Communion, etc., and the Canon), the prayers used at special functions in connection with the Mass (e.g., Baptism on Holy Saturday, processions), the prayers used by a bishop at ordinations, consecrations of churches and altars, prayers of exorcisms, and blessings which are now to be found in the Pontifical and Ritual. The following are the most important Sacramentaries:

  • Roman Sacramentaries, including the Leonine, named after Pope Saint Leo I
  • Gelasian Sacramentary ascribed to Pope Gelasius I
  • Gregorian Sacramentary edited by Pope Saint Gregory I
  • British Isle Sacramentary
  • Gallican Sacramentary
  • Ambrosian Sacramentary
  • Sacramentary of the Cathedral of Toledo, known of from the testimonies of the Visigoth or Mozarabic Liturgy

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