Prayer to Saint Anthony to Recover Lost or Stolen Things

Blessed Saint Anthony, how great and mighty is the grace and power of God in thee; how many persons hast thou lovingly assisted, especially when they implored thy aid to recover lost (or stolen) things?

Behold, I, too, humbly come to thee in my necessity; let me, though unworthy as I am, I beseech thee, experience thy help and consolation. I know the Infant Jesus, whom thou bearest in thy arms, will not refuse thy prayers. I, therefore, recommend to thee the object of my prayer that what was lost (or stolen) may, through thy intercession, be restored to me, and that I may always rejoice in thy protection and love. Amen.

– text taken from Devotion to Saint Anthony of Padua, by Father Clementinus Deymann O.S.F., 1887