Prayer for You, O Lord

Lord, what is my confidence which I have in this life? Is it not Thou, O Lord, my God, whose mercies are without number? Where hath it ever been well with me without You, or where could it be ill with me, when You wert present? I rather choose to be a pilgrim on earth, than without You to possess heaven. Where You art, there is heaven; and where You art not, there is death and hell. There is none that can help me in my necessities, but 84 only Thou, my God; You art my hope, You my confidence. Although You exposest me to divers temptations and adversities, yet You orderest all this to my advantage; in which trial of me You oughtest no less to be loved and praised, than if You didst fill me full of heavenly consolations. Amen.

Thomas à Kempis