Prayer for One who Would Devoutly Honor Saint Anthony

O Saint Anthony, my faithful advocate and protector! I rejoice for thy unspeakable happiness in the contemplation of the Most Holy Trinity, in which the soul possesses all that it could ever desire. I earnestly and humbly beg thee to regard not my sins and ingratitude, but, in thy tender compassion, beg Our Lord Jesus Christ to grant me His grace, without which I can do nothing. With this divine gift I shall be strengthened to overcome my evil desires, to discipline the sensibility of my soul, to resist the temptations of the evil one, and amend my bad habits; it will enable me to advance in the love of God, to fulfill the divine will of God as perfectly as possible, to walk in the way of a true Christian life, to recognize and discern between good and evil counsel, to accept with a joyful heart interior as well as exterior admonitions, and to love and serve my neighbor as the divine will decrees.

I also pray thee, O Saint Anthony, to protect me against the hands of my enemies, to save me from an unprovided death; above all, implore God that I may not be surprised by death and depart this life without the sacraments of holy Church, which Our Lord Jesus Christ has instituted to strengthen and comfort us in that dread hour, and that thou and our blessed Mother may be present at my side; and finally that, through the bitter passion of Our Saviour and thy intercession, I may, with thee and all the saints and elect of God, rejoice and praise Him forever in the heavenly country.

text from Saint Anthony – The Saint of the Whole World, by Father Thomas F Ward, 1898