Prayer for Consecration

Almighty God, who hast made all things for man, and man for Your glory, sanctify our body and soul, our thoughts and our intentions, our words and actions, that whatsoever we shall think, or speak or do, may by us be designed to the glorification of Your name, and by Your 87 blessing, it may be effectual and successful in the work of God, according as it can be capable. Lord, turn necessities into virtues, the works of Nature into the works of grace, by making them orderly, regular and temperate, subordinate and profitable to ends beyond their own proper efficacy; and let no pride or self-seeking, no impure motive, or unworthy purpose, no little ends, and low imagination stain our spirit, and unhallow any of our words and actions. But let our body be a servant to our spirit, and both body and spirit servants of Jesus Christ, that doing all things for Your glory here, we may be partakers of Your glory hereafter; through Jesus Christ. Amen.

Thomas à Kempis